How To Create a New Project

Step 1

  • Log in to the WordPress Admin area and navigate to the “Projects” section.

Step 2

  • Roll your mouse over the “TEMPLATE – ENTER NEW PROJECT NAME HERE”  to reveal the options below it, and select “Clone” – This makes a duplicate copy for you to work on.

Step 3

  • In the Projects list, roll over the new Draft Copy to reveal the options – select “Edit”

Step 4

  • In the Project Title field, replace the old Title with a new title
  • Use short names here. Recommend 2 to 6 words max.
  • Do not include other project information.

Step 5

  • Copy the New Project Title
  • Paste the new project title into the Permalink field directly below the Title field.
  • This is Important – Replace the old permalink, with the new title as the permalink
  • Click OK to save it.

Step 6

  • Note that the new permalink should reflect the same words as the title
  • Click on the three horizontal bars icon (hamburger icon) in the Text module

Step 7

  • In the overlay Text Module, enter / edit the new project information.
  • Recommend following the same information, order, and details for each Project.
  • Click “Save & Exit”

Step 8

  • Scroll down the page further to reveal the “Featured Image” in the right column
  • It will display the previous Template Project image.
  • Click on “Remove Featured Image”

Step 9

  • Click on “Set Featured Image”

Step 10

  • The Media Library window will pop up
  • Find your new Project image, and drag it into the Media Library window – see image spec’s below
  • The window will turn blue and then release the file to upload.

NOTE: For the purposes of this website, your images do not need to be wider or taller than 1920 pixels (at 72 dpi). They should be saved as JPG images with a medium quality setting (I use 5). This can be done with software such as Photoshop. They should also be color and lighting corrected.

Step 11

  • After the new image uploads. you should see the Media Library again.
  • Make sure your new image is selected with a blue box and check mark.
  • Click on “Set Featured Image”

Step 12

  • Scroll up a little to reveal the Categories section in the right sidebar
  • Make any required changes to the categories the new Project belongs to.

Step 13

  • After all these changes have been made, click on “Publish” to make the new Project Draft live on the website.

Step 14

  • In your browser (Chrome recommended) navigate to the home page of your website
  • Scroll down to the Gallery section and check to see if the New Project is displaying correctly.
  • If not, go back and check to be sure all the previous steps were followed.

Step 15

  • Click on the New Project title to go to the New Project detail screen.
  • On this screen, check to be sure the Title, Featured Image and Text below it are displaying correctly.
  • If you see anything that needs to change, go back through the steps to make those changes, and “Update” the Project.
  • Check your changes on the live public website.

Repeat this process for each New Project you want to add to the site.